Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Passion For Packaging

Photo by Galejade

Speaking as not only a seller on Etsy, but also a buyer, I never forget about how beautifully or creatively someone sent their handmade items to my home. It makes me all the more excited to open the package and see what's inside. It’s definitely an art in itself and reveals a lot about the artist and how much care they put into their craft.

This attention to detail is something that makes the buyer aware that there’s an actual person on the other end of the purchase. I always think to myself as I am opening the package, “Aww...this person’s creative little hands put all these cute stickers on the box, took time to write up a personal note, and look, they put a cute little freebie in their too!”

There are many talented Etsy artists here and I thought it would be super fun to not only share what I do, but to also share what a couple of other artists from this team’s special touches to packaging are.

There are so many ways you can send your packages off, the possibilities are pretty much endless and it’s just an awesome way to build up the customer’s anticipation - no matter what time of year it is, it will make it seem like Christmas time! - So much fun!

I personally love to send my jewelry off in Natural Kraft gift boxes. Since my shop is full of eclectic pieces, I try to match the style I decorate my boxes with the style of the jewelry and that way I will hopefully be appealing to that particular buyer’s sense of style. Sometimes I use stamps or stencils, and other time I like to find interesting sections of magazines cut those pieces and paste it onto the lid of the box. Then I find a really funky color for a more modern feel. Other times, if I happen to have more time, I like to draw on the boxes in hopes that the person will be amazed and then they will run over to their computer to send me a message requesting a custom drawing! Okay, maybe not that so much, but it could happen, right?

Here’s a closer view of the hand drawn boxes I will sometimes create:

I like trees a lot, so I tend to draw them on my boxes a great deal.

This is just one of those things that add a little extra somethin’ nice and I really do believe that this will make a customer come back - as long as what’s inside is high quality as well.

Galejade makes this amazing jewelry and I simply love her choice of packaging for her pieces. It’s clean, classic, and simple, yet gorgeous! And look at that little bird, so cute!

Photo by Galejade

Her cute little box is then put into the pouch shown in the photo at the beginning of this post. I love the color combinations she has chosen.

Her packaging works so well with her jewelry and that’s so important. It’s shows the customer that you know who you are and how to present yourself as an artist.

Photos by Corrnucopia

Corrnucopia has a shop full of wonderful vintage items and loves recycling used boxes where she opens the boxes up and retapes them - what was once old, is new again. She then wraps up her lovely item (like the adorable vintage hair clip that you see pictured above)
in colorful tissue paper and Wraphia. I love the little tin she holds all her supplies in.

* * * *

Some DO's and DON'Ts

While it’s really fun to put together a pretty package to send out into the world, there are just some things you shouldn’t do when packaging:

Don’t send something that smells like smoke. If you’re a smoker, try to find a smoke free environment to pack everything up. It can make or break any future sales coming from your customers and they will let you know in their feedback to you.

Don’t send candies or anything edible unless it’s someone you already know. This may just be my own thing, but I always feel uneasy when a seller sends wrapped candies in a package. Do send cute little stickers or a little drawing, or even better, a coupon for a discount!

If one of your customers has specific requests about gift wrap and leaving a personal note, do it with professionalism as if you were getting the gift yourself. You don’t want a birthday wish written on a gum wrapper! (some people might, but let’s assume that the majority doesn’t) Make it pretty and maybe print it out if your handwriting looks like chicken scratch. I know mine looks like that sometimes.

The Personal Touch

Customers love getting hand written notes and this is the perfect time to show them how likable you are! It's also a great time to take advantage of giving any care instructions so they can keep their items they purchased in the best condition possible. I love adding my odd sense of humor to the care instructions that I send when I have sold one of my hand painted rings.

* * * *


I found some really awesome resources, so here’s a couple links to get your creative juices flowing:

Etsy How-to

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Wanda Wen

I want this Wanda Wen's book so very badly. She has the book linked in her blog, which is such an inspiring blog. I am posting one of her entries, but you just might way to peruse the rest of her writings because they are awesome.


Photo by Galejade

Now it's time for some DIY! So get over to your work stations and get out your pretty ribbon, fancy tape, stickers, stamps, yarn, stencils, paints, pressed flowers, stamps, markers, magazine clippings, and put a little more of your artistic self into your package!

Author: Jocelyn Pryor "flowerleaf"


  1. Congratulation Jocelyn on such awesome post!!! I totally agree, package is SO important!! it can make a great first impression, when the buyer receives your item and it can also make him/her come back to buy again!!
    I can believe how gorgeous/creative your packagings are! great job!!

  2. I've received one of Jocelyn's packages and know first hand how much thought she puts into this! Beautiful post, Jocelyn! Great pictures everyone!

  3. Love seeing how others pack up there goodies, such a great way to add a personal touch.

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    Its really cool to see how unique everyone is in adding a little something special with the packaging.

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  9. Amazing post!
    Great work! And very inspiring :D

  10. I love the pictures and ideas given here. Selling photographs doesn't seem to present much of an opportunity for creative packaging but I'm sure I could start doing better at adding a more personal touch in some way.