About Us

Aspiring Artisan's Guild is a team devoted to encouraging and aiding members on the road to achieving their business goals.

* * *

Turning your hobby, craft, or art into a full time job is more than a lot of work, it is a ton of work and can be extremely intimidating to do by yourself. Your conversation with yourself may be going something like this:

"Yes, I would love to be self-employed, but what about taking care of the kids? How will I pay for advertising while I'm beginning with very little? Do I even need to pay for advertising or is social media better for me? What the heck is a "target market" and how am I supposed to find that online? How do I show up in Google? How do I get more views to my shop?"

What AAG is about is helping you answer these questions and more. When there's a question we can't answer, we're here to help keep you going, to encourage you, and to be the crutch when you need it.

To find out how to join this team, please visit our Etsy Team page