Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keep In Touch :: Email Marketing

I decided to start an email list for my business after reading this little article by Marie Forleo and then seeing this video where she mentions it again.  I remembered that when I get emails from my favorite Etsy jewelry seller with a promotion or news about a shop update, I always click over to her shop to check it out and I've even made a purchase on more than one occasion.  Creating an email list and sending out newsletters is easier than ever thanks to services like Mail Chimp (that's the one I use, so I'll refer to it since that's where my experience is).  With just a few clicks you can personalize a simple sign-up form and get a link to share with potential subscribers.  When you are ready to send out a newsletter or promotional campaign you can choose a ready-to-go template or create a custom look, and Mail Chimp will send out the emails on the day you schedule them to be delivered.  

Here a few helpful links from Mail Chimp if you'd like to learn more about the process:

And here a few more links if you'd like to research the subject of email lists a little more: 
Email Marketing for Artists Part 1 and Part 2

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tres Romantique - Treasured Finds

You can find more romantic items here.
Thank you to Shelley Porter Artworks for these Treasured Finds!

Business Tip of the Week :: Product Photography

We all know that photos are one of the most important pieces in the handmade business puzzle, they convey the qualities of the items we are selling and set the style of our brand.  If you aren't satisfied with your shop photography - don't despair!  There is a wealth of information available online and I have a list of links to get you started: 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time Management - 5 Minutes

Time Management seems impossible sometimes.  Especially when you are running around and working like a crazy person!

So, do you think you could carve out 5 minutes to work on Time Management? 

Tonight, just sit down and make a list of what you need to do tomorrow!

Want a cute list?  There are several really cute free printables over on ... and no, they aren't just for mommies!

I'll try to come up with some cute graphic for my 5-minute tips!  But right now, I only have 5 minutes!!