Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Manly Man: a Team Contest

As I was searching through our team's items this morning trying to make a manly man treasury a thought ran across my mind for the hundredth time since making aag treasuries, "We are such a girly team!" Don't get me wrong, our shops rock and everyone has fantastic items. I think [almost] everyone has at least one item in their shop that can be used for a "for him" treasury, but not much for a manly man treasury.

Let me explain what I mean by manly man...

There are guys and then there are men, as anyone who has read Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys is aware. Guys are those male humans who invented the "easy chair", the remote control and Sunday night football--

Sitting around for no reason under the guise of being engaged in productive work was the first real guy contribution to human civilization, forming the underlying basis for many modern institutions and activities such as fishing, sales conferences, highway repair, the federal government, and “Customer Service. --Dave Barry

Manly men are males who do things like scale Everest in their spare time, explore the earth and marvel in its majesty, and grow up to become Earnest Hemingway.

It's time for a contest.

Pick any man from history, living or dead, who was a manly man and create an item inspired by them. The person doesn't have to have be famous. Is your dad super manly or your husband? Use them!

Examples of manly men: Earnest Hemingway, Henry VIII, Robert Redford, Stirling Mortlock, Lewis (nevermind his girly first name) and Clark, Edward Teach (Blackbeard), Jean Lafitte, Hiram Bingham, Ernest Shackleton, Les Stroud (survivorman), Steve Irwin....there's a whole slew of other manly men I didn't mention.

  1. Your item must be designed for a man and tagged as such (unisex is acceptable).
  2. You must tag your item manlyaag so that it can be found.
  3. You may create as many items for this challenge as you want!
  4. Your item must be inspired by a real person. Characters are largely under copyright and since we want these items to be up for sale they need to continue to abide by the same laws all other items do.
  5. Vintage items are more than welcome! Please arrange them or pose with them (or make the man in your life pose with them) in such a way that exudes manliness (or at least attempts to)
  6. The item description should either explain the inspiration and how he was manly or link to a blog post you've written about it.
  7. Only Aspiring Artisan's Guild members may enter.
  8. Have fun! Be as serious or as silly as you would like!

All entries will be judged on May 13th and the top 12 items selected and put into a treasury. This treasury will be open for anyone to vote on their favorite item in the comments. Team member votes will each count for 3. Each person can only vote one time (any votes after the first will not be counted). Winners will be announced on the 18th at 6:00p EST.

A prize package will be assembled for the winner and a smaller one for the 2nd place winner(if you are an AAG member and are interested in donating to the prize packages, please contact tuckooandmoocow. Donations can be coupons, crafty supplies, items or whatever you'd like). The first place winner's item will be featured on the blog as well as an interview with them about their craft. The first, second and third place winners will each have Etsy minis from their shops featured in the side bar of the blog for 2 weeks.

Go forth and conquer!


  1. you. crack. me. up. challenge accepted, storm trooper and bearded lady!

  2. I am so excited to do this. Challenge accepted!

  3. Love the photos! I think every household needs a storm trooper helmet.

  4. I just listed my challenge entry! This was really fun. :D