Monday, May 2, 2011

Inside An Etsy Artisan's Studio

Where I live one of my favourite things to do is what is known as an Art Walk. There are so many artists within a close area, that every year they arrange a day where you can walk around and visit the different studios of all sorts. It is so interesting to see the different takes with the wide range of artists who each have a unique perspective. Some work in very small spaces within their homes, while others have large studios. Some like their space to be neat and orderly and others thrive in crazy and messy environments. One of the best parts can be to see what an artist or creator surrounds themselves with for inspiration in their craft.

It is fascinating how with a click of the mouse we are able to take a peek into the studios and workspaces of creative people from all over the world. I have arranged a global tour for you to enjoy of just a few of the talented people from the Aspiring Artisan Guild. Since the sun rises in the East I thought it would be fitting to start there and work our way westward. Lets go!

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First off we start in Tel Aviv Israel at the studio of Red Bracelet. Tali, the creator behind this shop, makes handmade jewellery and accessories. Working on a clean wood table she is well organized with lots of clear plastic boxes to organize the small components, tools and materials.

Tel Aviv has great sunny weather most of the year so Tali likes to keep the windows wide open to let the sea breeze and warm air constantly flow through. She also loves to work near the piano she loves so much and playing popular classics from time to time.

Now heading over to Amsterdam, Netherlands we find the shop Artisanie Europe where Laurie makes little clay houses and art mobiles. Her atelier is an old Dutch canal house built in the 1600s, and it sits on a little cobblestone street along the edge of a canal with big old sailboats docked alongside it. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Going now Southward to Barcelona, Spain we find Ingrid’s shop, iDNi, where she makes textile jewellery. Her workspace is very neat, orderly and well organized.

Hopping over the channel we arrive at These Shiney Times in Brighton England. Here we can see Nicki the maker of earrings and handmade flower pins. It is at her desk where all the magic happens, the light here is wonderful and she can have the window open and enjoy the smell of the sea air. For inspiration she surrounds herself with pieces she has made as well as notes and pictures that make her feel happy. Of course this is also where some favourite Etsy purchases have pride of place too.

Crossing the Atlantic over to North American our first stop is the shop Under A New Light in Montreal Quebec, Canada. It is here that Guisela makes eco-friendly jewellery. She keeps her supplies well organized on a wood rack that she shares with her little Mia-Valentina whose dolls rent the basement. The best thing about her work space is a quote of “How to be an artist” that they painted on the white wall for inspiration.

Lets now go to Brooklyn New York, US where we find the shops Frighten and Frankenkitty. This is where Mari makes her mixed media pieces and photography. It’s not hard to see where she gets her inspiration with her being surrounded by quirky toys and figures as well as masks and photo props which are used in her unusual and intriguing photo art.

Going further south takes us to Jacksonville Florida where we arrive at Tina’s place of Sewingseed. It is here where she designs cute and fun cross stitch patterns, also offering hoop art and do it yourself kits. She keeps her space nice and tidy with a wall of cabinets to store away her supplies.

Staying within the same state of Florida we head over to Naples to see Michelle of Calamari Studio. She offers a variety of things from original art to vintage finds. She makes maximum use of her space by setting up a desk and filing cabinet in a nook in her bedroom, covering the wall with goals, ideas, reminders, mini paintings and pieces she is working on.

Heading back up north brings us to the art studio of Renée Anne in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, Canada. Renée is in the situation many of us find ourselves in, because her space is quite small being only 8 x 8 feet with one window and a closet. This is where she does all her painting, printing and computer work.

Back south in Tuscaloosa, Alabama we come across the shop of Rachel called Cornflower Blue Studio. She embroiders and crochets all her goodies at her desk whilst watching Netflix documentaries. A second room keeps all her supplies and a big table for cutting fabric and sewing. She uses a lot of ingenuity by reusing and recycling in both her storage and organization.

Over to Elgin Illinois we visit Sue of First Light Photography. You can spot some of her inspiration behind her art photos hanging along the wall. As well this is where she photographs some of her photos of the brooches in her shop.

Staying in Illinois, but now over to Peoria, takes us to Lisa’s space of That Old Blue House. She works in a garage apartment making unique jewellery from vintage laces and other found objects. Don’t you love her old wooden desk?

Heading back north to Canada brings us to Winnipeg, Manitoba to the fine art photography shop of Carla Dyck. She can be found regularly doing her online work at the dining table on her macbook. An inspiration board of some her fantastic pieces are displayed on the wall.

Landing in Dallas Texas we see the painting space behind the shop Painted Bliss. It is here Carrie has set up a small drafting table next to a fireplace and a wall of windows in her loft style apartment. A green tackle box in which her grandmother used to store her paints and brushes takes pride of place in her work space, and now houses her own painting supplies.

Down to Mexico we find RosaMaria’s lovely work space of the shop 464 Handmade. She has a room near the kitchen that has great natural light and a big closet to keep all her colourful fabrics, which will later be transformed into her bags and other handmade goodies.

Back into the United States brings us to Northern Nevada where Leila of JuJuBaju specializes in personalized bridesmaid gifts, cosmetic bags and clutches. She shares her bright and cheerful space with her sweet girls which bring her joy because she can see them be creative as well… little Etsy artists in the making maybe?

Over to San Diego California we meet Chantel of Junkyard Glitter. She makes her clever hand painted purses and jewellery in this small but fantastic space. I just love the old rustic wooden table!

Last, but hopefully not least, we come to my own little space in Victoria B.C. Canada. This is where I (along with my sidekick Hugo) organize all the clothing found in the shop DeLaBelle Vintage. I like to keep my working space as tidy as possible since I am working with vintage fabrics and I take pride in offering pieces that are fresh and clean, ready to wear right out of the package.

This brings an end to our little tour, I hope you have enjoyed our little trek to studios and workspaces of Etsy sellers from all over the world! Keep an eye out for other Aspiring Artisan Guild members workspaces to be featured in future blog posts.

Author: Delana of DeLaBelle Vintage Clothing


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