Tuesday, April 17, 2012


yes, I have ants at home...

Spring is really happening now in Montreal and with its arrival a bunch of visitors arrive to our house uninvited because we live half a block from the St. Laurent River... (very nice ha?)  Among these visitors we have bees, spiders, flies (don´t like this ones) and ants....

The ants appear little by little... one after another show up in my studio.  My studio is the closest room to the balcony that faces the street and a huge Maple tree so that`s why they come there first... I like tho think they like my work... but being realistic I`m just the closest room.

They have arrived since 2 or 3 weeks ago and they haven´t stopped coming, in fact, they have arrived more and more often.  I`m starting to think we have to control this somehow... (we`ll talk to the landlord to see what he can do... as long as does not involve too much suffering for them... we are vegetarians and hate to kill anything...  maybe a sign that says "no ants allowed" would help and there would be no casualties)

Well... the point to all this ants story is that the other day while trying to photograph one of them... I started to think about their size, they are so small! less than an inch long.  We live in the 3rd floor... so somehow this tiny being climbs three floors... (human floors, in ants measurements that must be a lot more!)  I`m amazed about their tenacity... about their perseverance.   They are very determined, they have a goal in mind (whatever it may be) that makes them climb up... and they get to my studio!!!! all by themselves!!!!  amazing ha?

This whole ants situation has made me think of myself and my work.  I cannot but compare my artistic journey to an ant´s climb...  I have many goals for my work... and for myself as an artist.  So... I guess what I really wanted to tell you today is that I want to be like an ant!!!  


  1. What a perfect comparison! It IS like an ant's climb! BRavo :)

  2. :D yeap... what hard workers ant are ha?... big hug!!!:D

  3. I loooove this post! My sister and I have a hard time killing the ants in our house as well. We have had them in drones for a month, it seems. Once I start really watching them and focus on a few ants on their own, you start to see how amazing they are, yet they are so small. They will try a bunch of times to move huge crumbs to take them back to their colony and it's fascinating.

    So while ants can be pests, there is much to learn from them, and when you think of the entire universe... we are quite similar in that we look pretty tiny in the grander scheme of things.

  4. oh yes... they are fascinating... we have some tiny little ones that live in the bathroom wall and parts of the kitchen that we don`t mind... we don`t like to kill basically anything so... and the little ones don´t cause trouble, I think they like the warm of the house in the winter... but these ones are bigger, black (I like them don´t get me wrong) but I think this kind can be a problem if they are not controlled in time... funny ha? we can also as humans can be a lot of trouble if we are too many ... we take all this visitors nicely outside in a glass, or in a piece of paper... they are such wonderful and inspiring to me! :D

  5. This is so true! Thinking about an ants climb in that way makes me feel anything is possible :) Great post!

  6. thanks Amanda!!!! and yes... if they can do that... we can too!!!! :D