Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AAG Summer Challenge Results #2!

So, I guess it is my turn =), April of MooreMagnets ... I actually thought for a long time that my results were going to be one of the "crafting disasters"! ... Not because of the lovely supplies sent to be by Jocelyn of FlowerLeaf ... as you can see it was a lovely collection of beads and chain!  However, I am in no way, shape or form a jewelry maker!  It is actually one of the things that I love about Etsy and being on this team, because there are so many wonderful jewelry makers that do fabulous work, that I never ever ever have to make it myself!

 So I looked and looked at these lovely goodies all collected in a cup ... well for a week they rolled all over my desk and drove me crazy!  I made about 3 trips to the craft store and eventually collected these other jewelry making supplies ... I have cursed and thrown my fist so many times dropping these little pieces, put the beads on little pieces of wire and connected them to the chain with the little round things (yes I am using very technical jewelry terms now), only to have the chain break and the little round things pull apart again ...

Yes, I pretty much gave up ... until my pony tail holder broke and I decided to make a book mark ... not sure how I came with that idea ... but I did ... and here is the result ... Not a jewelry wonder or the most beautiful design ... but every time I read a book I will remember how much I love Jocelyn's shop, and how I am so thankful that she makes these lovely things so that I don't have to!!


Next up is Jocelyn jeweler and painter extraordinaire of Flowerleaf!  Now Jocelyn out did herself and not only made one project ... but 2!!!

Jocelyn received a bunch of supplies from Michelle of Calamaristudio and plans to continue to use the supplies after this project!

First up is a set of paintings that she made ... here is what she said about them.  "I sent a bunch of different perspectives to show the 3 little pieces that are part of a series "Wish you were here."  I wanted to create a contemporary collage/mini shadowbox with the canvases I was given. The pictures come from vintage postcards and the borders of the larger canvas have pieces of a map and the back of the postcard with actual writing on it.  when I put the varnish on the paper, it made the ink bleed and I really like the look of it. "

Second, Jocelyn has added a completely new line of jewelry to her Etsy shop because of this challenge!  Jocelyn says, "I had a blast using the shrink plastic and it has brought a new form of media into my jewelry, so thank [you] bunches for this challenge."  Here is one of the sets that she made!  It is listed in her Etsy shop, so run over there and have a closer look!


  1. I loved seeing this! Fabulous creations, you two!

  2. Thanks, Tina! :-D

    April!!! I love what you did with the supplies I sent! I was wondering "will she use these to make a new type of organizing something-or-other?" and then you created a gorgeous bookmark!

    This is an awesome blog post... love how you put it all together! I just bought a huge pack of the white shrink plastic and can't wait to make some more pieces with it. :-D

  3. Oh, my gosh! These are both great! I love how this project inspired Jocelyn to start a whole new line-- that is so cool.

    Very clever on turning the jewelry supplies into a bookmark. It's so pretty!

  4. Love how these turned out! So clever to create a bookmark, April!
    Jocelyn, I just adore how both your projects turned out. I really like how the words smeared, too. The fact that the shrink plastic inspired a whole new jewelry line has totally made my week, too! :D

  5. Wow, really beautiful! Thanks for sharing, loved seeing this.