Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Challenge Results! Part #3

Sadly, this is my final results post!  It has been so much fun getting these results in!  In order to protect the innocent ... and the embarrassed ... I am not posting any disasters though!
Rachel Rode of RachelRode received supplies from Sarah-Lambert Cook of SarahLambertCook!  Here is what she had to say!

"She sent several paper punches of her watercolor color test areas. Basically splotches. :) She also sent a copper bezel and a brass locket, but I did not use them for this project. I didn't want to make jewelry - I wanted to make something out of the box and crafty since I don't get to dabble much in that area anymore. So when I saw the punches, I immediately thought of making a mobile sort of thing. Don't know why, but the different colors just looked so fun and pretty.

So I paired the punches that she sent with some of my own punches of vintage dictionary words and illustrations. I used a nature theme using earth, water, wood, air, flora, fauna, etc. There is an illustration of the moon cycles, a sun dial, and a hummingbird. I also found some dried rose petals inside one of my dictionaries, so I punched a few of them for the mobile. I included some pretty green leaf beads, freshwater pearls, and some glass beads for sparkle.
I strung and knotted the beads in place and then attached the punches in twos, back to back, on fishing line. I strung a large ocean jasper bead on the bottom of each line to hold it taught. Then I tied the fishing line to a birch twig that had broken off one of our trees. I haven't attached a hanger yet - my husband held the twig for the pictures, which, by the way are not very good - it's kind of hard to photograph a large project that has lots tiny details! And my lighting was awful. :(  I had planned to encase the punches in resin but I ran out of time! I think that would add some 3 dimensional character and sparkle.

I guess I can't exactly call the piece a mobile since it doesn't turn except on each line. And it's not a wind chime since it's not meant for wind and it doesn't chime! It's more of a wall hanging...a little bit of frippery for fun. I love the colors and the theme of it though the execution wasn't quite what I had in mind...that happens to me all the time! I like the "happy little surprises" as Bob Ross used to say. :)~

I have not listed this in my shop...it's more of a decoration for my studio. I love Sarah-Lambert's work, even splotches! So I might rework the design to focus more on her punches and less on the other stuff."
Finally we have Laura of le animalé who received supplies from April of MooreMagnets!

Laura, also created 2 sets of things including a tiny box and some magnets!  I wonder if she will let a tiny animal live in the box! 
Here's what Laura had to say!

"My first thought was to paint animals on the pieces you sent, but I wanted to try to push myself into something more unexpected. For me, at least. In this case it kind looks like I pushed myself backward, toward Kindergarten maybe, but that's ok. It was fun messing in the paints and glitter (ugh, glitter) and getting my fingers messy. :)"

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this challenge!  Perhaps we will do another one next summer!


  1. I loved this series - I was too scared to participate in case of brain freeze - But it was fun seeing what each of you created!

  2. What a fun blog!! SOOOOoo nice to meet you :). Thank you for sharing!

  3. OK, NOT FAIR! I want to see what S-L did! It can't be any worse than my "mobile" thing with the horrible photography...seriously! I feel kind of silly!

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  5. Everything here is soooo adorable! And looks fun and easy!