Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Business Tip of the Week :: Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of any business whether it is an online shop or a local boutique. As handmade business owners we want to be professional, friendly, and encourage our customers to return for more purchases - and this is where having great customer service will make all the difference. Here are my top three tips for keeping your customers happy:

1. Post your policies. Information on returns, exchanges, and shipping should be carefully considered and clearly posted on your website or in your store. Think about being fair to the customer and fair to your business - harsh policies may discourage buyers, but lenient policies may ending up costing you money in the long run. Take the time to find a balance that's right for you.

2. Show your appreciation. Customers love to feel appreciated and noticed when they are patronizing a small business so a little personal attention goes a long way! If you operate an online shop you can include a thank you note with each purchase or include a small sample to encourage repeat business. If you're running a local boutique you will want to greet each customer and consider giving out coupons to repeat customers. It's the small things that count!

3. Listen to your customers. When you get positive feedback from a customer be sure to let them know that you appreciate it - it means you're on the right track! And if you have a complaint to deal with remember to be courteous and patient. Be a good listener and try to resolve the problem while sticking to your shop policies.

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  1. thank you! :) i'm honored to have my ring included with so many other great finds!