Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Business Tip of the Week :: Get Your Name Out There

Have you ever thought about how many people would love to buy your handmade items if only they knew you existed? How do you reach people who have no idea about your shop, boutique, or website? Here are my top three tips for getting your name out there (without breaking the bank):

1. Advertise on blogs. Many bloggers have very reasonable sponsorship rates and some will even do an ad swap so you both get more exposure. Make sure to think about your target audience when choosing a blog for your advertisement - does it appeal to the same type of person that would be interested in your product?

2. Find some local press opportunities. Many local magazines and newspapers love to feature small businesses. Do you ever partner with local charities or contribute to the life of your community? Do you have a collection of vintage dresses just begging for a spread on the spring style page? Do your homework, refine your story, and submit your idea.

3. Make a video. Shooting a video about your product or your business and putting it on youtube.com is a great way to show customers your personality and establish a bond. Plus, you can show off all the ways your item can be used, how it's made, or a million other things that potential buyers may find interesting and/or amusing!

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