Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY: Create You Own, Custom Art Wall

Hi there, folks! Hillary Doggart-Greer here from hilariagalleries. As an artist, I am constantly changing things up in my home and especially on my walls. Here lately, I've been crushing after some of the beautiful, multi-frame botanical print displays that can be found all over home design magazines and blogs these days.

Pottery Barn

Unfortunately, though, I do not have 8-10 beautiful, wooden frames sitting in my basement. So I thought to myself, "Self, how could I recreate this effect without spending major cash?" I went shopping around my house and studio and found eight, 11"x14" canvases that were leftovers from unsuccesful art efforts (no, not every painting I begin makes it to the post office, sadly). If you are not an active painter, no sweat--5-packs of these canvases can be purchased on the cheap at Michael's hobby stores anytime. Just wait for a sale or print off one of their many coupons that are available frequently.

The next step was to paint all of the canvases the same, egg-shell white color (this would prove to be the "matting" when finished).
Then came time to consider the "frames". Firstly, I marked an even inch from each side to create a semi-perfect rectangle.

I then attempted to paint the edges out using a deep, chocolate brown. However, this did not pan out so well--this method produced a lot of brush marks and an uneven tone. Not good; I was really looking for a nice, clean finish. I finally decided on using a piece of cardboard as a reverse stencil for the rectangle. Since my canvases were 11"x14" in perameter, I simply cut the cardboard to 9"x12" size. After laying the card board centered upon each canvas, I then used a deep brown, gloss spray paint to create the "frames." Unfortunately, I do not have a pic for this part, since I had to take a break to prepare dinner for three little ones.
Here is the final result:

While you could use any photo or print you'd like, I chose to use free, vintage printables from NYC Digital Gallery. I picked different images that were relevant to our family. For instance, in this "frame" I mod-podged a print from an antique calendar for the month of October, since that's when my husband and I got married.

To apply the image, simply print the pic using your home printer onto some decent cardstock. Cut to size and then apply mod podge to the back of the paper. Center the print onto the canvas and then mod-podge over the paper itself. Voilà!

I took this opportunity to down play our huge, old school TV. The use of multiple, dark rectangles helps to soften the big, black blah that is the square of our television. Total cost of this project: nada! Yup, nothing. I had all of the materials on hand and even if you don't have them at home it should still be a low cost, high impact project.
Happy Decorating!

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