Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time Management - Procrastination ... Friend or Foe?

Hi, My name is April, and I am a procrastinator.

Do you find it odd that a person that is a self-admitted procrastinator also writes posts on time management? Well, I do!

The thing is, I generally use my procrastination to it's fullest advantage. I know that I get tons more done when I procrastinate than when I try to work steadily along. However, I trick myself ... I fake procrastination.

The way that I have found to "fake" procrastination is by saving things up and scheduling them all on the same days. This includes household tasks like cooking and cleaning, as well as work tasks like making similar things on the same days. I also tend to write due dates on my calendar at least 2 days in advance. So, if I tell a person that their order will ship in 7 days, then I write it down as due on the 5th day.

As for household tasks ... I only do laundry once per week ... as much good that I see with doing a load of laundry each day, I find it much more productive to do all of the washing, folding, and putting away at one time. The same way that I can cut a lot of wood the same size if I cut 3 pieces at one time versus cutting them one at a time.

So, for all of you procrastinators out there ... start channeling that energy ... it can be a good thing!


  1. I will comment on this post...when I get around to it!

  2. Hey April... My name is Norma and I`m a procrastinator ... (applauses)

    but honestly I`m trying to heal from this horrible syndrome... ; P

    (great post)

  3. Hi April, my name is Sarah-Lambert and I'm also a procrastinator. ;)

    I'm with you, though, that it can be worked to your advantage. I really "fake procrastinate" as well, because I think in all reality I have myself organized and under control I just like to *feel* like I'm putting things off.