Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Business Tip of the Week :: Designing a Booth

As the holidays approach many creative business owners are gearing up for seasonal craft fairs - a great place to sell your work, get your name out there, and network with other creative professionals! You can find more about choosing and researching fairs in this great AAG article, but once you've chosen an event how do you go about designing your booth?

Here are my top tips for putting together a great display:

1. Neutralize the background. Clutter behind or to the sides of your booth can be distracting to customers, so hang a curtain or find another way to define your space. This goes for the area under your tables, too!

2. Provide a mirror. If you're selling necklaces, scarves, bags, or anything wearable you should make sure to incorporate a mirror into your display to encourage customers to try things on.

3. Create dimension. Vary the height and depth of your products and display pieces to make the whole picture more interesting and eye catching.

4. Mark prices clearly. Customers may be uncomfortable asking about prices so make sure that you provide tags or signs that indicate the cost of each item or type of item.

5. Replenish your display as merchandise sells. No one wants to look at an empty booth so make sure to restock your displays throughout the fair. Remember to take a step back and view it from the customers point of view!

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